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  Colourful shops, restaurants and cafés are just across the road from the market
he trained as an electrician.
He has always had a passion for photography and kept a camera in
his electrician’s van in order to photograph everything from landscapes to stormy scenes.
“The stalls were smaller than they are today and there was opposition from some of the shops, some of whom may have felt the general market stalls weren’t quite right for that location in Brixham,” Chris said.
The Chamber of Commerce stepped in with the aim of transforming it into a creative market hub which would enhance the town and reduce the conflict with some local shops.
“I wouldn’t say it happened straight away,” said Chris. “But we have had some really talented artists and crafts people from the early days and it is now a very popular arts and crafts market with room for just 18 traders under the canopy,” he said.
Over the years Chris succeeded in turning his hobby into a full- time business and when the opportunity came to move into a shop in a perfect location looking on to the old fish market he
The arts and craft market is held beneath the old fish market roof
 grabbed it.
That was four years ago and
business is good, but he wanted to retain his link with the market that had got him started so he took over as manager.
“The market is not-for-profit and over the years it has raised a lot of money for charities and good causes including the RNLI, and to help fund the various festivals we
have in Brixham,” Chris said. It also pays for guides and advertising material that helps
He wanted to boost that
contribution and to build on the strong ties with the local and business community.
“I remember how scary it was for me when I first set up stall on the market, wondering whether I
could make a go of a photography business,” he said.
So he does all he can to support arty, crafty people who want to dip their toe in and see if they can create a viable business from their creative passion.
And there are many success stories on the market who are inspiring newcomers.
They include Lynne Peets, a

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