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    Kate Wright’s husband, Peter, and her mum Fi Bingham are pictured helping on her stall, The Refill Project, which she left her job as a district nurse to launch. It allows people to reuse their old containers and refill them with everything from cleaning products to soap and shampoo
including the oceans.
Danny said the co-operative had had to buy
100,000 at a time to get the best price. The bags arrive in batches of 10,000 in order for them not to all bio-degrade at the same time.
The market’s greengrocer, Dennis Kennealy, who has long queues snaking down the road from early morning to 3 pm, used to use 5,000 plastic bags a week. “It’s a brilliant scheme,” said Dennis, who is pleased to be doing his part to protect the environment.
The traders reckon the initiative is taking up to 600,000 environmentally damaging plastic bags out of circulation every year.
And the environmentally friendly bag scheme is not the only green initiative on the market. Kate Wright left her job as a district nurse several months ago to launch The Refill Project on Chesham and Amersham markets.
Her husband, Peter, who helps on the stall on Saturday, said: “Kate and I were really concerned about the damage caused to the environment by plastic, so Kate decided to do something about it.”
The project involves people bringing their own containers — anything from jam jars to plastic bottles – and filling them up from giant containers of everything from cleaning products to soap and shampoo.
Local people have taken to the idea with enthusiasm and Chesham and Amersham markets are fast becoming pioneers of green initiatives.
Danny said: “Our customers and local people really love what we are doing and the fact that we have made the effort to protect the environment has gone down well with everyone.”
Danny Wadmore (left), who helps run Amersham and Chesham Market Traders Co-operative, is pictured with greengrocer Dennis Kennealy who has switched to eco-friendly plastic bags, which is taking 5,000 non bio-degradable plastic bags out of circulation every week
  Long queues at Dennis’s fruit and veg stall

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