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‘The penny dropped that if all local businesses bought and sold to each other, it created a thriving small business community’
International public markets conference held in London
   The Declaration of Independents
Delegates, who included NMTF CEO Joe Harrison, an adviser to the board, came from 36 countries around the world.
Mr Khan told them: “Our street markets enrich our lives. They are key parts of our national identity and they form vital hubs of em- ployment, trade and culture.”
He said that as Mayor one of his goals was to show how city lead- ers how markets could not only thrive but remain a vital part of local life.
“Over the centuries markets have learnt to adapt to the needs of communities, changing quickly to remain vibrant, and seizing new opportunities to ensure they can thrive and flourish.”
He said he recognised that now, more than ever, many markets were facing big challenges, whether it was responding to new technology or adapting to the way people shopped in the modern world.
“And that’s why I’ve created the first-ever London Markets Board, a team of industry experts and business leaders who have been tasked with ensuring our markets remain vibrant attractions for both Londoners and visitors.”
Sadiq Khan
LONDON’s Mayor Sadiq Khan spoke warmly of the capital’s street markets when he offically opened the 10th international Public Markets Conference organised by the US-based Project for Public Spaces.
The successful bid to host the event in Lon- don, with an opening session at Southwark Cathedral and others and workshops taking place predominantly at City Hall, was made to mark the establishment of the London Markets Board.
  Butcher Paul Stansfield recalled the early days of the campaign when Chris asked him if he had any goat for sale and he rang up the local farmer to check when she would be killing one
And he still shops on Todmorden market.
Paul Stansfield, the butcher who made the call to the goat farmer, said: “On this market we all support each other and that means buying from each other whenever we can.
“I think Totally Locally is brilliant and everyone here supports it.”
Delegates enjoy lunch at Borough Market in Southwark

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