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 It’s here — NMTF website
gets a top-to-toe makeover
take a look now at
 THE NMTF’s website has been given as complete re- design, now sporting a fresh clean look with much im- proved navigation and easy access to the sections both traders, operators and shop- pers will want to visit.
For the first time the site — originally created more than 20 years ago — provides a tailored look according to who is view- ing.
First-time visitors are asked to tell us who they are — trader, shopper, market trader or media person.
That information is then used to present the information they are likely to want to see, and hide those bits that are irrele-
For example when a trader
goes into the Market Near Me section he or she will be able to see full details (when provided) of rents, type of stalls, whether pitchers and demmers are al- lowed, whether vans are al- lowed and other useful information.
A visiting shopper will see none of that and will be able to concentrate on the market days and what can be bought on the market from NMTF members who have listed their businesses (see opposite page).
In general the new website has a simpler, lighter look than its predecessor and homes in on the most popular sections —
Market Near Me, NMTF on- line membership (joining or re- newing), and Market Times.
And the digital team at the
NMTF’s head office in South Yorkshire will ensure that the site is kept as up to date as pos- sible.
  THE Market Near Me section of the new website is a rebranding of our old Find A Market service.
The change has been made because, quite simply, it will make things easier for people to find our markets.
A 2018 Google survey revealed that over the previous five years searches for “market near me” had skyrocketed by almost 3,000 per cent.
Google said that with 35 per cent of people surveyed saying they went online to find out about their local markets it was clear there was an opportunity to grow their reach.
NMTF CEO Joe Harrison said: “That survey figure should wake up many traders to the fact that to continue to trade in this modern world they have to keep up with the digital age.
“We recognise that fact, and that is why we are delighted to be able to offer our new business listings service, completely free to our members.
“When you look at what it provides — not only a listing on Market Near Me but also the ability to link through directly to a website or social media feed — it must be worth hundreds of pounds.”
 NMTF Members Area
THE members area on our website has been around some time for its users to easily get useful information about what the NMTF does, ask questions and be part of a forum.
But now it takes on a new lease of life with the facility for every current member to add to our free business listings — and that can be on up to seven markets, and up to four businesses.
Joint members each have this allowance. For more details log into the Members Area (see opposite page).
Operators — check your Market Near Me entry
WHILST the NMTF’s Market Near Me database is the most comprehensive in the UK we know that it is impossible to keep it completely up to date.
But it is in everyone’s interest for it to be as accurate as possi- ble, which is why we are asking operators to check the informa- tion we have is correct.
Go to and enter your mar- ket(s) in the Select a market field.
If nothing appears your market is not in our database. To get it included is easy and to submit amendments — go to:
 bitly.comAddAMarket and give us the details.

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