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Stephanie stressed that the council would be consulting fully with traders as they were the people with all the experience who knew how markets work best.
“We are also working with Helmsley In Business and Pickering In Business, the organisations that represent local shops and businesses,” she said.
The aim is to get all the stakeholders pulling together to enhance the town and its offer.
The NABMA health check will be key to what happens next. But both markets have some obvious issues that should be addressed.
At Helmsley, the layout of the market isn’t ideal, Stephanie says. It doesn’t draw people through the market.
There are currently 15 permanent traders and the market could definitely take more if the layout were changed.
Helmsley is an affluent town with mainly in- dependent shops and no large supermarket nearby.
Locals have money in their pockets and so do the tourists who flock here mainly in the summer, but also throughout the year.
Traders here sell good quality products that appeal to discerning shoppers. Many of these are Yorkshire folk, so they like a bargain.
The market has all the food staples you would expect in a town like Helmsley — cheese, fish, fruit and veg and an artisan baker.
A new recruit is Rob Clayton, who runs Blueberry Hill Preserves with his wife. Rob left a high-flying corporate career to escape the stress and the time spent on planes and in the car.
He has brought his sales and marketing skills to the business, producing and selling the couple’s own recipe preserves at shows and at Helmsley market.
“We started this business seven years ago and it has been a fascinating journey,” Rob said. “We now sell mainly at shows, but we
have stayed on Helmsley market because it is the right sort of market for our products.”
The same is true of Jean-Bernard Rose’s stall which specialises in sheepskin products including gloves, slippers and sheepskin rugs.
Jean-Bernard is the longest-serving trader. “I have been on this market since 1982,” said Jean-Bernard, who came to the UK from his native France to work in catering, then met and married Jacky, a Yorkshire lass who helps on the stall.
Kieron and Vera Edeson have been selling flowers and plants on the market for almost as long.
“I started selling silk flowers on markets before they became popular in this country, then moved on to flowers and plants. There were once five florists on this market. Now I am the last man standing,” he said.
Paul Johnson, who sells stone ornaments, moved back to Helmsley market after a gap of
  Rob Clayton left the corporate world to set up his own business, Blueberry Hill Preserves, selling his own recipe products made from local ingredients at Helmsley market
Gareth and Claire Hart took over a cheese business three years ago and have made
a success of The Little Yorkshire Cheese Stall

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