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  Markets across UK getting behind Real Deal
 Principal Trading Standards Officer Mark Wilson (left) with Ashwood Car Boot Fair organiser Matthew Roberts
and sends out a message that their events are safe and have responsible traders. Counterfeit goods can cause real harm, for example if they are cosmetic or electrical items, and they also damage our economy. It is in everyone’s interests to combat the sale of such goods and it is important we all work together to do this.”
A Real Deal charter agreement has already been signed with nearby Penkridge Market, a general retail market with around 100 stalls, and Stourbridge Rugby Club, which holds car boot sale events.
Matthew Roberts, organiser of Ashwood Car Boot Fair said: “We are pleased to be working in partnership with The Real Deal and Staffordshire County Council’s trading standards team to help continue the fight against the sale of counterfeit goods and to continue to provide a safe and friendly car boot environment for our customers.”
At the launch of the Real Deal charter at Ashwood, Staffordshire County Council issued a warning of the hidden dangers of counterfeit goods:
• Counterfeit alcohol such as vodka contains dangerous chemicals which can cause many health problems such as blindness.
• Counterfeit perfume can often
burn skin or leave a nasty rash and may contain lead.
• Fake sunglasses often offer no UVA protection, causing eye damage.
• Fake or illicit tobacco often contains unknown chemicals, higher tar levels and cigarettes can be a fire risk as they do not burn out like legitimate products.
• Counterfeit children’s toys can often be unsafe with unsuitable small parts and children's clothes may be inflammable.
For market operators and traders, the Real Deal campaign provides a useful information leaflet, How to Stay IP Legal (pictured), which sets out practical guidelines to help traders stay on the right side of the law.
The leaflet can be downloaded from the Real Deal website — ces.
For more information on the Real Deal campaign and how to introduce it at your market, visit
THE Real Deal campaign continues to go from strength to strength and has now been embraced by over 400 market venues across the UK. The campaign, which has long been supported by both the NMTF and NABMA, brings together councils, market operators, market traders, industry groups, and copyright and trademark owners.
And this home-grown, grass-roots initiative recently received recognition beyond the UK with support from the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) as a project that raises awareness about the value of intellectual property (IP) and the damages of counterfeiting and piracy on the everyday lives of EU citizens.
At the heart of the Real Deal campaign is a national charter through which a market operator and their local trading standards service commit to work together to ensure fake-free trading. The charter boosts the reputation of a market or car boot fair as a fair- trading venue, giving confidence to shoppers and supporting market traders and small, local businesses who are selling genuine products.
One of the most recent signatories to the Real Deal charter is New Watford Market. Commenting in June on the launch of the charter at
the market, Andrew Sparrow, Executive Director of WMC Retail, operators of New Watford Market, said: “By signing the Real Deal charter, we are giving an assurance to customers that they can shop at the market with confidence. We are also able to offer advice to traders together with a strong message that we will only allow stalls selling safe and genuine products.”
Across the country, hundreds of markets just like New Watford are working with their local trading standards services to protect shoppers and local businesses from counterfeiting conmen who do not care about ripping off consumers, selling unsafe products or damaging local businesses. The Real Deal charter is applicable to all types of market events: large and small, general retail markets and car boot fairs, in towns, cities and country villages.
In South Staffordshire, Ashwood Car Boot Fair recently became the district’s third car boot venue to join the scheme. Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for trading standards Gill Heath explained: “We’re asking market and car boot event organisers across the county to get on board and sign up to the Real Deal charter. It sets out their commitment to tackling the problem of counterfeit goods sales
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