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l Market Day: Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Sundays is antiques and collectibles and the first and third Saturday of the month is Best of Faversham
l Market Rent: £1 a foot for food for permanent traders and £1.50 a foot for casuals on Thursdays. £1.60 a foot and £2.60 a foot for casuals on Friday and Saturday. Tables can be hired for £3 and gazebos for £10
a day
l Faversham’s claim to fame: The Kent
town of Faversham lies next to the Swale, a strip of sea separating Kent from the Isle of Sheppey. It was a centre for the explosives industry between the 17th and 20th centuries and is home to the Shepherd Neame brewery, which was founded in 1698 and is a big local employer.
took on board. “He said the market was too small to double up on lines and to try to ensure the market was offering something different to the shops in town.”
Carl has found traders are most concerned about keeping rents low and issues on the agenda include things like the need to replace the co-operative’s ageing van used to transport tables and gazebos.
Richard Wates, who has been selling plants from his prime pitch under the Guildhall for the past 25 years, is treasurer of the co-operative.
“It’s much better now the co-operative is running the market, but it tends to be the same few people who get involved,” said Richard.
He says Faversham remains a good market. “Tuesdays have got quieter but the weekends are now busier. My business is always steady, but of course it’s seasonal.”
Fabric trader Paul Webb, who has been standing markets for more than 30 years, said: “I have got a good customer base after all these years. If you are consistent with the quality of the fabrics and the pricing, it works.”
Whilst Eve and Paul Stone who sell vegetarian and vegan goodies are always busy serving on Faversham market. “We ran a pub for 19 years. Although I started with the jams and chutneys I used to make as a hobby, we have moved on to things like quiche which we used to serve at the pub,” Eve said.
All considered, the market isn’t that different from their pub, Eve says. “It’s all about chatting to people and enjoying the friendly atmosphere.”
And there is no more picturesque setting or friendly atmosphere than in Faversham,where the traditional market and new ventures are thriving side by side.
  Jeannette Fitzjohn has a popular cake stall on the Best of Faversham market
Richard Wates, who has run a plant stall on Faversham market for the past 25 years, is treasurer of the traders co-operative
  Eve and Paul Stone who used to run a pub sell Eve’s delicious vegetarian and vegan goodies on the market. The atmosphere is warm, friendly and sociable — just like their old pub
Paul Webb has been selling colourful fabrics on markets for more than 30 years

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