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 Old meets new and beard
‘meats’ food at Freeman
Street Market
 MARKET apprentice Alana Jackson has learned to take each new challenge in her stride since becoming the first apprentice freeman at Grimsby’s Freeman Street Market since 1949 — and the first ever female apprentice.
So when international You Tube star Adam Moran, known to his more than 800,000 followers as BeardMeatsFood, asked to stage and film a burger eating challenge she stepped up to the plate.
It was just another day at the office for 19-year-old Alana who is loving her new market role since she was appointed an apprentice freeman with responsibility for social media in September 2018.
Freeman Street Market is unusual in that it is run by The Enrolled Freemen of Grimsby who were granted a charter to take over the running of the North Lincolnshire port in 1201.
Richard Bellamy, a freeman of Grimsby and a trustee of the charitable organisation, explained that the freemen virtually ran Grimsby for hundreds of years until councils came into being and took back control.
But the freemen continue to run the indoor market which is traditionally held on Tuesdays and Saturdays but is now open five days a week since the food court revitalised the market.
“There are only three ways to become a freeman,” said Richard. “You have to be born one, marry into it or become an apprentice which in the past used to be a seven year long traditional apprenticeship.”
The apprenticeships became defunct because the seven-year term was out of step with the times, but a change in the law allowed the freemen to reintroduce them for a shorter term and Alana was the first recruit.
“I tried college but soon realised that I wanted something really hands-on, so I was really pleased when I got this apprenticeship,” she said.
Alana loves social media and her skills have been put to good use at the market. “I was really surprised that there are so many people who aren’t using it,” Alana said.
“I have learned so much from the market manager Sean and the team and I have done my best to use my skills with social media to promote the market,” she said.
New businesses, particularly the more youthful hot food start-ups in the food court, have joined in the social media buzz.
And one promotion by Beast Burgers has really taken off.
Danny and Nickee Hall started their business on the demo stall last October “because we couldn’t find
Sean McGarel (right), who manages Freeman Street market, is pictured with Alana Jackson and Richard Bellamy, who is a trustee of The Enrolled Freemen of Grimsby the operators
  Alana Jackson, Grimsby’s first ever Freeman apprentice, is pictured at Freeman Street market with Adam Moran, an international You Tube star known as BeardMeatsFood
Danny and Nickee Hall are pictured on their Beast Burger stall, a business which has rapidly taken off and gathered momentum on social media after they launched their challenge to eat the biggest beast burger
anywhere where we could get a decent burger,” Nickee said.
“We soon moved to our current unit and the business is going far better that we ever could have hoped,” she added.
Danny said that the beast burger challenge took off by chance after one hungry customer ordered and ate a five-burger whopper.
“We put out the challenge on social media and the size of the burger eaten in one go crept up to 15,” Danny said.
That’s when Adam contacted the market to take up the challenge and film it on You Tube. Much to the
amazement of market regulars, Adam succeeded and hopefully his hundreds of thousands of followers have been introduced to the market experience.
Market Manager Sean McGarel said: “Alana has done great things with our social media and is enthusiastic about her role in the market. She will officially become the first ever female freeman after completing her apprenticeship in June.”
Alana said: “I really love the market and my role here. Every day is different and it is definitely the hands-on job I was looking for.”

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