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   Jayne Cope sells gift toiletries, fancy key rings and head bands on the market
Mor, who makes mouthwatering Thai dishes, is one of a number of street food businesses that bring some spice and flavour to the speciality market
l Market Day: the first and third Fridays of each month
l Market Rent: £37 for a single stall for a regular and £60 for a double. Casuals pay £40.
l Wolverhampton’s claim to fame: Wolverhampton in the West Midlands developed as a market town with a strong link to the wool trade. In the past it has been a centre for coal mining, steel production, lock making and car, motorcycle and bicycle manufacture. These days it is an engineering city with a large aerospace industry as well as a strong service sector.
 Anne Pyatt, an engineer by profession, now runs Cosy Kitchen selling her home cooked goodies. She is pictured with her brother, Neil Turner, who helps out on the stall
Monday to Saturday and then restock on Sundays. But I like the life and I have found this a really good market. It is where all the footfall is and we have always done well here,” Andy said.
And Anne Pyatt, who left her engineering career of 22 years to launch Cosy Kitchen specialising in home baked cakes and goodies, also likes the LSD set-up and Wolverhampton speciality market.
“I have always loved baking and now
I love the market so much, it has really turned my life around. It is so friendly and I love the interaction with customers and fellow traders.”
Ted said LSD was glad to have had their contract renewed. With an average of 25 traders, the market was doing so well they decided to add the third Friday of the month last year as an additional market day.
He agrees with Jo that the speciality market and the regular market complement each other. “Our market is in a very good location, although there can be a problem on windy days when the buildings seem to funnel the wind down the street.”
Wind aside, Wolverhampton’s speciality market is set fair for the foreseeable future.

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