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   Jo Till is Wolverhampton’s general markets manager
Ted Perry from LSD is pictured on Wolverhampton speciality market which he helps to run
  Andy Smith who sells bags and scarves has traded on Wolverhampton speciality market since it started 12 years ago
Anthea Griffiths, 76, started out selling flowers on Wolverhampton market aged twelve-and-a-half and now sells children’s clothes on the speciality market
Ted said: “We don’t have any butchers here as that would clash with the market. But we have some really good food stalls and quality lines.”
Many of the traders have been on the market since it was launched, as is often the case with LSD traders who like the way traders are treated and their markets are run.
LSD’s oldest trader is Anthea Griffiths who is still selling children’s clothes on the market at the age of 76.
“I began selling flowers on the market when I was twelve-and-a-half,” she said. She worked for a market greengrocers from six in the morning to six at night
from the age of 13, then after five years working at Marks & Spencer she decided she missed the market life — and she hasn’t looked back.
“When we started we got a lot of Fred Perry shirts from a local warehouse and went to the Beast Market in Wrexham where we were sold out by midday. That’s the first and only time I have sold out,” she said.
Then she managed to get a lead from her old employer and started selling M & S children’s clothes.
Jayne Cope who sells gift toiletries, fancy key rings and head bands, said: “I have been with LSD since they
started here. This is the best street in Wolverhampton and it is where the best footfall is.”
And Andy Smith, who sells bags and scarves, agrees.
“I have been standing this market from the start,” said Andy, who started making and selling the jewellery he and his wife made after her father bought them a glass firing kiln.
“We did well with the jewellery at first but that trend came and went, so we moved on to bags and scarves.
A butcher by trade, Andy doesn’t regret his move into market trading.
“It’s hard work. I work markets from

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