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  The outdoor market at New Market Square
established, think of the changes?
Nick told national radio recently that he was
proud that Altrincham was being hailed as “the turnaround town” and Gail Titchener, who is involved in publicity and events for the operator, said the town was definitely benefiting from increased footfall.
It is most evident in the immediate vicinity of the market and is gradually spreading outwards. Gail said: “We have kept a number of the original traders including Winnie who sells bags and has been trading on the market for 40 years. Some decided that the new style market wasn’t for them and a few retired, but the excellent food businesses including fish and cheese are still doing well in the covered market where they have been joined by many new creative, craft
type businesses.”
She said there were some great examples of hot
food businesses expanding and one former employee of a food business called Honest Crust had started a successful new restaurant in the street outside the market hall.
Winnie Greene, who has been selling bags on Altrincham open market for the past 40 years, says the market would have died if it had not been taken over by the new operator
Market Operations has also opened up two new food halls, both in landmark buildings — one in Manchester and the other in Macclesfield.
Gail said Altrincham market hosts some very successful events including Harfest, a harvest festival-style event in October which involves extra stalls, food, music and local schools.
And a major success has been the open market in New Market Square which is abuzz, especially in the summer, Gail said.
The traders are pleased with the transformation and the new footfall it has generated. Edward Taylor, who helps run the fresh fish business his great grandfather John established 50 years ago, said: “There is a lot more footfall and now it is mainly people coming to the market hall for something to eat,” he said.
“But we have our regulars and this market is now full with a lot of new businesses, although the ones selling household goods and kitchen roll have gone,” he added.
Typical of the new traders is Fire Station
Edward Taylor runs the family fish business on Altrincham covered market that was started by his great grandfather John Taylor 50 years ago
Square Pottery run by husband and wife team Ian and Angela Wild.
“This market has changed our lives,” Angela said. “My husband makes the pottery. We had sold it at other markets but it was never enough to justify starting a full-time business.”
Then they took a stall at Altrincham and the enterprise took off, she said.
“I was able to give up my job and we now stand all the market days. We do our shopping here and eat here. It’s changed everything,” she said.
And Winnie Greene, who has sold bags and luggage on the open market at Altrincham for the past 40 years, said the new operator had saved the market.
“I am absolutely convinced that this market would not have survived if it had not been taken over,” she said. “Nick and Jenny have revitalised the market. It is very different to what it used to be but I know I wouldn’t be still here on the market if they hadn’t come along and done what they have done.”
Angela Wild who sells the pottery made by her husband Ian under the brand name Fire Station Square Pottery said standing Altrincham market has changed their lives

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