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 his retro toy shop
 YOUNG entrepreneur Hector Hand has hit the ground running after starting his own vintage toy business in Derby market hall last December, aged 17.
Hector said he shares his father’s fascination with vintage toys and he has done a lot of research into them before starting the business.
“I was training as a hairdresser and I still sell hair accessories,” Hector said. “That didn’t work out and I did apply for a lot of jobs but they all seemed to want people from college and I didn’t want to go back to college. I wanted to earn my own money and be independent.”
He decided the best way forward was to start a vintage toy business similar to his father’s shop in Leicester. And where better to launch a business than a market with low overheads and hence less risk?
His father has been very supportive and
Hector has done well since he set up stall in Derby’s market hall which is currently undergoing a major roof renovation.
“I buy and sell vintage toys from about the 1930s to the 1990s,” Hector said. They range from £1 to £400 and his most expensive item is a toy bionic laboratory from the 1990s.
Hector says he loves the community atmosphere in the market where his fellow traders have been, friendly, welcoming and helpful.
He is planning to move into a much bigger unit and he is also launching his own clothes label soon which will feature his design logo.
“Starting the business has been hard work and I am working six days a week. But I love retail and I believe markets and town centre shops are very much alive. There’s nothing like seeing and touching the things you might buy and I think people will come back to the real shopping experience,” he added.
Hector Hand

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