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 Plans for £3.6 million
redevelopment of Great
Yarmouth market unveiled
DESIGNS for the redevelopment of Great Yarmouth’s Market Place have been broadly welcomed by the traders who had expressed concerns about the original proposals.
The £3.6 million investment will see the market facilities significantly improved in the heart of Market Place, with new units under a timber canopy which will incorporate partial glazing. The council believes the redevelopment will create a brighter, more inviting
market in harmony with its historic setting.
Great Yarmouth’s ancient market comprises an outdoor market held on Wednesdays and Saturdays on Market Place and a six-day-a-week covered market famous for its chip stalls.
Great Yarmouth Borough Council earmarked £2.5 million for a re- development, but when the plans were unveiled there were concerns about some aspects of the scheme including the proposal to extend it
towards King Street and Market Gates.
Mike Anderson, who sells fashion on the outdoor market and is the NMTF liaison officer, contacted the NMTF to help in the negotiations.
There followed 18 months of public engagements around the initial ideas and design, followed by individual detailed conversations with the six-day traders.
The updated design has been welcomed by the traders, Mike said, and work is scheduled to start next winter.
The new designs envisage a timber-framed structure which will have a continuous roof, with panels of slatted glazing to create a brighter and welcoming environment inside. The new stalls, facing inward and outward, will be in the two different size options requested by the traders, ensuring traders can transfer into units of at least the same size as they have now.
There will also be a wider internal walkway, as well as covered open spaces for a range of uses, including potentially siting further units, space for two-day traders, pop-up events, performances and exhibitions. There will also be refurbished trader toilets and a new market office.
After traders expressed concerns about the original idea of moving to a temporary market during the work, the council is now taking a phased approach of building the new facilities and demolishing the old facilities in two separate sections.
This will allow the new market to occupy much of the footprint of the existing facilities, while enabling traders under the covered market to continue operating from their current location during work, with traders relocating to occupy new stalls in two separate phases.
The council already has £2.5m in place for the scheme and is seeking the remainder as part of its bid to the Future High Streets Fund,
subject to a business case. Councillors Carl Smith and
Trevor Wainwright, leaders of the council’s main political groups, said: “Improving the Market Place is a key project of the wider Town Centre Masterplan, with the council working closely with partners to revitalise the town centre as a community hub and destination for the future.
“The current outdated market canopy, built in 1992, is beyond its designed lifespan, while the utilities are complex and congested. The market has continually adapted over the centuries and is again ready for investment.
“We are very excited about the updated designs, which will mean a brighter, more inviting market in the heart of the historic Market Place, helping to support the market itself and our regeneration ambitions for the wider town centre. We hope that everyone will be equally impressed and show their support for the plans and the funding bid.”
Mike said the traders were generally happy with the new proposals and glad that their concerns and opinions had been taken on board.
“We had a very good meeting with the council leaders and they talked through the plans. There will be 38 to 40 stalls and the general feel is that the new market will look good and help revitalise the market. We are also pleased that we can continue to trade while the work is carried out.
“The six-day market was untidy. There were problems with drainage and the upkeep for the roof was costly. Traders felt that if the council didn’t do something and invest in the market we would lose it, so the new plans are welcome news.”
Brendan Dyson, the NMTF’s field support officer, said the rejigged plans were good news for everyone and the federation had been happy to play a part in reaching a good outcome.

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