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FEATURE • BROCKLEY Bermondsey-based fine cheese business,
which also stands Brockley Market. Chris discovered fine European ciders
while living in New York and working in craft beer.
“Many of us had a bad experience of very strong cider when we were young and got a bit put off, but the business I worked for imported fine ciders from France and the UK and I discovered how special they are,” he said.
After a lot of research and contact with top cider producers in France and the UK, he launched Cork and Crown, cider merchants, on Brockley market and it has got off to a good start.
Patrice Hinds, on the other hand, was approached by Toby who had sampled his hot chilli sauces made from chillies from Guyana and sold under the brand Pat and Pinkys.
Patrice, who had a 25-plus years career in marketing and advertising in London, saw the light on a trip to his parents’ home country of Guyana in South America.
“I discovered the local chillies which are
Chris George, who is a cheesemonger in Bermondsey during the week, has started a new business, Cork and Crown, on Brockley market selling the finest ciders after discovering a passion for European produced cider while living in New York
 the best in the world and decided my mission was to tell the world about this secret,” he said.
Patrice launched his hot sauces and chilli products in March last year and he is now supplying around 40 shops as well as standing Brockley market.
Kamil Shah also has a strong following on the market where he sells the olives and olive products from his wife’s family’s olive groves on the Greek island of Crete.
“We had different careers but about eight years ago we decided we wanted to do something with Maria’s family’s olive groves because much of the crop was going unpicked,” Kamil said.
The business has thrived and the authentic olives and other products are a perfect fit for Brockley market.
The award-winning market has just the right offer for the local community which includes many young families, profession- als and creative types.
The council must be cock-a-hoop that it now has one of the best food markets in the country without the hard work of
setting it up.
And for the foodies and families of
    Trained chef Ian Loynes was on universal credit when he was inspired to start growing mushrooms on the balcony of his flat in Sutton. Now he runs Nonsuch Shrooms selling many varieties of organic mushrooms as well as mushroom based goodies including quiche and hot mushroom risotto
Brockley, it is a huge bonus to have a market where they can meet, eat and shop — all thanks to Toby’s light bulb moment back in 2011.
Kamil Shah sells olives, olive oil and other olive-based products he imports from Crete where his wife’s family grow and harvest their olive groves
l Market Days: Saturday
l Market Rent: £75 for produce traders and £125 for hot food sellers
l Brockley’s claim to fame: Brockley in Lewisham is a cool and sought after residential area of South East London which has not yet been overwhelmed by the demon of gentrification. It is best known for entertainment spots like the 1950s-era Rivoli Ballroom and independent shops and eateries.
 John Doig is a New Zealander who has lived all over the world and worked as a high flying art director, food developer and food critic in New York among other places. Somehow he has ended up keeping rare breed pigs in Kent and selling his home made charcuterie on Brockley market

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