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market idea was a goer, and was fearful it would be an embarrassing flop. He need not have worried — on the first day the sun shone and the market was mobbed.
“Two and a half thousand people came through the gate in the first two hours and all the traders sold out,” Toby said.
Good weather every Saturday for several weeks helped the market become established and after it picked up prestigious awards and acclaim from the local community, the council was only too keen to make it a permanent fixture.
And what an attraction it has become, as two local chefs who do their weekly shop on the market explained.
Tom Hunt, who runs Poco Festival Café which specialises in selling “posh kebabs” made from organic, sustainable and seasonal ingredients at festivals, said: “It’s amazing to have this market on our door- step. Local people actually come here to do their weekly shop which is so much better than dragging the kids round a supermarket.
Toby Allen is a professional photographer who launched Brockley Market eight years ago with no experience of running a market but a passion for proper food, fresh produce and his local community
It’s also about community as well as the choice of superb fresh produce,” he added.
Bash Radford, a chef who runs two restaurants in trendy Peckham and lives locally, said: “We have been shopping here since the market started. It’s the only place round here where you can buy decent food — fresh, quality produce that’s not wrapped in plastic.”
Brockley has established itself as a true community market, but it also attracts shoppers from across London who have heard about the amazing food offer and fancy doing their weekly shop at a real food market.
It is the variety and quality of the stalls on Brockley market that make the difference. The hot food and drink offer is impressive, and the community tables are the place to meet friends and enjoy a tasty meal and a drink.
But perhaps the star of the show is the produce. There is a butcher whom Toby describes as the best in London. Chris the
FEATURE • BROCKLEY fisherman catches some of the fish he sells,
and the fruit and veg stalls put the supermarket offers in the shade.
But it is the unique food stalls and the back stories of the traders that are so unusual. Potato Stephen sells potatoes — 35 varieties of them and he can tell you anything you might want to know about any of those 35.
Ian Loynes sells mushrooms — every kind of mushroom which he grows and a range of tasty mushroom dishes from quiche to hot risotto.
A trained chef, he got a grant to start his business, Nonsuch Shrooms, while on universal credit. “I started growing mushrooms as a hobby two years ago,” Ian said. He grew unusual varieties on the balcony of his flat in Sutton, then began sleeping in the sitting room as tents of mushrooms took over the bedroom.
He has now moved to the country where he rents two stables for mushroom growing and Brockley market is the perfect retail outlet for his quality offer.
New Zealander John Doig has lived all over the world and once worked as a high- flying art director, food developer and food critic in New York before discovering the finest charcuterie in rural France.
Now he lives in Kent where he began keeping rare breed pigs then started his own charcuterie business.
“When Toby started this market I knew I wanted to sell here. I’m a bit cut off in my place in Kent making charcuterie so Brockley market is my social life too,”
he said.
For Chris George, it was easy to persuade
Toby to give him a pitch to launch his fine cider business as he was already working as a cheesemonger for Mons, the
   Bash Radford, a chef who has two restaurants in Peckham, lives in Brockley and does his weekly shop on Brockley market
  Tom Hunt is a chef who specialises in “posh kebabs`’ which he sells at festivals. He lives locally and loves the community and the fresh produce for sale at Brockley market
Patrice Hinds (left) is pictured with his partner Natasha Ward and his nephew Rohann Howell on their stall called Pat and Pinkys where they sell their own brand chilli sauces. Patrice discovered the finest chillies in the world in his parents’ homeland of Guyana and has made it his mission to share the secret with connoisseurs in the UK

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