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MARKET TIMES • APRIL 2020 traders with a chance to develop their businesses.
Coun Darren Byford, Wakefield Council’s Cabinet Member for Economic Growth and Regeneration, said: “Although the usage of markets has undoubtedly declined over the years, as consumer shopping habits have changed, the council recognises that they are an integral part of our city and town centres and provide an important focal point and social experience for many residents.
“We also know they provide access to local, fresh produce and an excellent environment for small businesses to start up and grow.
“It is important that we can offer quality markets that can compete and evolve as the use of the high street continues to change but they must also be sustainable and that’s why we will also be setting more realistic expectations of the
Dean Burns who runs a tools and hardware stall on Castleford’s outdoor market said any investment was welcome, but he was not sure how anything could turn round the decline in trade
income our markets generate to ensure we can focus on their development.”
Traders have welcomed news of the investment and the council’s commitment to its markets, but they stressed the difficulties facing market traders.
Dean Burns, who started on Castleford outdoor market 26 years ago and now runs a tools and hardware stall, said: “It’s good that the council is putting money into the market but I don’t know how to turn things round. The problem here is that young people are all going to the nearby Xscape and shopping outlet where there is a lot of entertainment and parking is free. The older, traditional market shoppers are dying out.”
And Kevin Price, who now runs Hooked, a fresh fish business in Castleford indoor market where he has worked for 13 years, said: “I have heard they are going to install new front doors
and repair the roof which badly needs it.”
He said that most traders would appreciate a
rent reduction above anything else.
Over in nearby Pontefract, fish man Matt
Thompson, said: “To be honest, we have found Wakefield Council quite helpful, particularly over incentives for new traders.”
And on the indoor market Stuart Holmes, who runs cheesemongers Cryer and Stott, said the investment was welcome but it needed to be spent in the most effective way to build sustainable markets. He would favour a lot more advertising.
“I also think a lot needs to be done at a national level,” Stuart said. He said there needed to be rent and rate reductions to help markets and the high street, and car parking charges should be looked at.
     Kevin Price who runs Hooked, a fresh fish business in Castleford’s indoor market, said the investment was welcome but he felt traders would argue for a rent cut

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