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  Mansfield market relaunch after traders lose their fight against
TRADERS are moving this month from their historic home in West Gate in Mansfield to join their fellow traders in Market Place — but with great trepidation and the heaviest of hearts.
The new-look Mansfield market was being launched this month.
It’s a move that follows months of wrangling after the announcement by Coun Stewart Rickersey that the stalls in West Gate would be relocated to Market Place and Monday would no longer be a market day.
The council says the relocation will create a united market that will create a focal point for footfall. It has set aside £100,000 for improvements. Plans include some infrastructure changes to create more room in the market square. Market stalls will be adapted,
refurbished or replaced, and the council will be investing in marquee-style stalls for entertainment and events.
But the traders have opposed the changes from Day One, and those who have spent their working life in West Gate are now fearful for the future of their businesses
Jane Platts, whose son, Damian, now runs the family shoe stall, Pearson and Platts, said: “My mother started this business in 1962 and our stall has been in this location ever since.
“Damian has been working on this stall since he left school and now he feels as though they are taking his living off him. They are moving him from the home of the original charter market where all the footfall is, to the much quieter Market Place — and he gets
Jane Platts (right), whose son, Damian, now runs the family shoe business that was established in 1962, says traders are devastated about moving from West Gate. Steve Siddall, who sells household textiles in West Gate, is angry about the move that he says has been imposed on his business
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