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    Bob Siddle, who sells coffee from the back of his converted car, has been described as the backbone of the market
  Sue said. “People just expect you to be in Kirkgate market, but at Knaresborough they seem to appreciate you being there more because you have made the effort to travel here.”
Mick Robinson has been selling his home- made speciality pies on the market for the past 12 years.
“We used to have a shop selling pies and we started selling from the stall as well on a Wednesday to get the extra custom,” Mick said.
He closed the shop three years ago because of the heavy overheads but his speciality, artisan pies still fly off the stall every market day.
Among the longest serving Knaresborough traders are Trisha Johnston, who has been selling grocery products here for 20 years, and Debra Dawes, who has been the market’s flower seller for the past 26 years, although it has only been her business for the past two years.
When asked how the market has changed over the past two decades, Trisha and Debra
Mick Robinson (left), who used to have a shop in the market place, now sells his speciality pies solely from a market stall
both agree that it hasn’t changed that much. “This has always been a good, thriving
market and it still is,” Trisha said.
Debra said: “It really hasn’t changed much.
It’s always been a lovely market. The locals support it, particularly the older generation.
“Frail old ladies turn up in the worst of weather to buy their fruit and veg, fish and flowers,” she said.
And Bob the Coffee man, alias Bob Siddle, who is described by the town crier as the backbone of the market, said: “This is an incredibly friendly market where everyone helps each other out.”
Bob’s first job of the day is to brew fresh coffees for the traders who all get mates’ rates.
“Knaresborough is just a nice, friendly market. It’s a nice size. The traders all know each other and we all get on,” he said.
For once, a market where there is no doom and gloom, just a bunch of friendly traders working hard to make a living.
 l Market Day: Wednesday
l Market Rent: £21 for regular traders
who pay by direct debit. £25 a day for casuals, with a special offer of the first three weeks for £10 per market day
l Knaresborough’s claim to fame: Knaresborough in North Yorkshire is an affluent market town famous for its castle and as the home of Mother Shipton’s cave and petrifying well. Another famous resident was Blind Jack Metcalf, a pioneer of toll roads. It is said he vowed to improve the country’s road network after he made the journey from London to Knaresborough across country on a donkey faster than the stagecoach.

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