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   George and Sue Leeming are based in Kirkgate Market in Leeds but love standing Knaresborough market every Wednesday
     Town crier Roger Hewitt reads a proclamation from the steps of the market cross at noon every market day
“ Knaresborough
is just a nice, friendly market. It’s a nice size. e traders all know each other and we all get on
 a tourist attraction to this day. Soft toys hung under its dripping water eventually take on a stony appearance due to the water’s high mineral content.
Mother Shipton’s cave and the ancient castle bring tourists to the town, but it is the market that is the all-year-round attraction.
Neil Bagley, who took over the role of Market Officer for Harrogate Borough Council last year, is new to market trading after 35 years working for BT, but he quickly appreciated the tradition and continuity he now oversees.
“We have 110 stalls that we erect early every Wednesday for 45 to 50 regular traders,” he said.
Neil says his job is made easier by the attitude
of the traders. “They are a really good bunch of people,” Neil said. “I am a great believer in discussion and working together and the traders are the sort of people who always help each other out.”
The market has a very strong food offering, plus some excellent fashion, flowers, bags and craft. There is pretty much anything and everything on the market, but quality is key as Knaresborough is an affluent town with discerning shoppers.
The traders include many long-established traders who have been standing Knaresborough market for years, as well as new recruits such as Alan Murray, who is giving the market a go this spring for the
award-winning cheese business he works for. A friend told Alan that Knaresborough
market was good, so he decided it was worth crossing the Pennines to stand the market.
George and Sue Leeming are based at Kirkgate Market in Leeds but they have been bringing their smart fish wagon to Knaresborough market for the past four to five years.
“We love coming to this market,” said Sue, who started as a Saturday girl at Kirkgate market at 13.
The couple bought the business, T E Bethell, 13 years ago, and haven’t looked back.
“Working inside a market is completely different to standing an outdoor market,”

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