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  Market Times • April 2016
UK’s retail market traders support Brexit, poll reveals
 AN NMTF poll of its membership has revealed that the majority want to leave the European Union.
The electronic survey revealed that 57 per cent intend to vote to leave in the June referendum, 34 per cent want to remain and nine per cent are undecided.
The NMTF’s Chief Executive Joe Harrison said: “It’s obvious from recent media coverage that many big business leaders — but by no means all — want to remain in the European Union.
“We felt that the opposite end of
the business world should be given a voice. This representative result shows the majority of our members want out.”
The poll was sent to the 14,000 NMTF members who had supplied email addresses, and 10 per cent responded and were invited to comment.
“From some of the views expressed it seems traders are so tired of all the red tape coming out of Brussels that they feel is too much of a burden on small businesses.”
Other reasons for leaving were the £55 million daily cost to UK taxpayers of staying in, and the belief that the nation should regain control of its borders and laws.
Among those wanting to remain comment was made that leaving would affect international trade, and that being in was better for business, environmental protection and culture.
Many of those who were undecided said it was because the pros and cons of remaining or leaving had not been explained.
 Rotherham is a double award winner
A MAJOR award sponsored by the NMTF has been won by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.
The Association of Town and City Management award for Diversifying the Business Mix, presented by NMTF National President Michael Nicholson, went to Rotherham for its Independent Alternative inititative.
The town needed to redefine its retail and leisure offer to differentiate itself from its competitors and become a shopping destination of choice for Rotherham residents and visitors.
The initiative has meant that footfall has increased by 10 per cent in the past four years and vacancy rates reduced by 14.5 per cent.
The NMTF is one of ATCM’s founding partners. Chief Executive Joe Harrison said: “We feel it is important that we support ATCM and its work because markets can be so much more successful if the town centre mix is right.”
For Rotherham the award follows on from the NABMA market awards, where its markets team came away as winner in the best large outdoor market category.
From left to right: NMTF National President Michael Nicholson, ATCM Chairman Alexander Nicoll, Christine Davis and Debbie Burton from Rotherham Council, NMTF Chief Executive Joe Harrison, and ATCM’s interim Chief Executive Shanaaz Carroll.
   Move to establish more markets in Scotland
SENIOR NMTF officers travelled to Scotland to talk to a group of Association of Town and City Management members keen to develop and grow markets there.
There are markets in Scotland but they are few and far between,
largely because there are no market towns as such, and no market charters.
But now Leigh Brown, Chair of the ATCM Scottish group says there is now enthusiasm among its members for new retail markets.
A meeting in Paisley was attended by National President Michael Nicholson, President- Elect John Dyson and Chief Executive Joe Harrison, who made an hour-long presentation on the history of the NMTF and its
work on behalf of the industry. Joe said: “There is a definite interest from town and city centre managers in Scotland to focus on developing markets in order to increase the vibrancy of their

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