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  Market Times • April 2016
Surrey Street Market in line for £500,000 investment
A £500,000 CASH injection is set to breathe new life into Croydon’s historic Surrey Street Market — and everyone is getting behind the planned revamp.
Councillor Mark Watson, cabinet member for communities, safety and justice, announced the plans to revitalise the 700-year- old market.
The aim is to increase footfall and create a vibrant public space. Ideas already mooted include new lighting, paved areas, archways and signage, as well as initiatives such as public art and the creation of spaces for street food.
Market officer Fiona Woodcock said everyone was getting on board and coming forward with ideas to improve the market.
“The traders are enthusiastic, but it’s also the shopkeepers, customers and members of the public who are passionate about
the market,” she said.
Roy Ware, who was brought in
to develop the market, said: “We have held our first public meeting and people had a lot of really good ideas for improving the market.”
He said festive lighting was a popular idea, and improved lighting would enable the council to open the market later.
New gazebos were high on the wish list. But a straw poll at the public meeting suggested the most popular improvement would be archways at either end of the market to provide a welcoming entrance to the market.
“We want to develop a more diverse offering still, and we are also looking at opening a Sunday market,” Roy said.
This would be different to the weekly market, with more street food, artisan and craft stalls, he said.
       Roy Ware
Fiona Woodcock

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