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  Market Times • April 2016
Operators — reach out to young entrepreneurs during LYLM
       THE NMTF has teamed up with NABMA to encourage youth entrepreneurship on the UK’s retail markets.
We in the industry know that markets are great platforms to launch and grow a business — but do young people in your community know this?
Operators are encouraged to organise youth markets — particularly during this year’s Love Your Local Market campaign from May 17 to 31.
They should then nominate three young traders to represent the area at the NMTF’s National Youth Market, to be held in the heart of Manchester on September 2 and 3.
NMTF Chief Executive Joe Harrison said: “We’re delighted that this year we have joined forces with NABMA not only to boost the Love Your Local Market campaign but also to give added strength to what is already a successful National Youth Market.
“I hope operators see the sense in putting their weight behind this because it will help to promote their individual markets as well as support the industry as a whole.”
Lots more information, including the timescale, can be found by visiting, or downloading a pdf document at
                                                      your local market
your local market
your local market
your local market
 NMTF AGM delegates to vote on incorporation
DELEGATES at the NMTF’s for-profit limited company.
annual general meeting on April The motion will be put to an
explained in detail.
NMTF Chief Executive Joe
Harrison said the board felt confident the recommendation — approved unanimously by its members — would be approved at the AGM.
“The fact is that the constitution of the NMTF has not changed in many years, which means that it is outdated in terms of the
requirements it needs to meet,” he added.
“In legal terms the federation does not exist, but becoming a limited company would change that and would make it much easier to invest its reserves in a more effective way.”
A copy of the draft articles can be viewed at articles.pdf.
18th will be asked to approve an Executive Board recommendation to transform the organisation into one that fits in with modern-day requirements.
They will vote on a motion “that the NMTF becomes an incorporated body from 1st July 2016” — in effect making the federation a not-
extraordinary general meeting to be held before the AGM at The Stratford Hotel in Stratford-upon- Avon in Warwickshire.
The vote will be taken after delegates have considered the draft articles for the new company and seen a video in which the reasons behind the proposed move are
Is the country’s most enterprising young person trading on your market?
Encouraging youth entrepreneurship on our nation’s markets
your local market

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