Mission for Markets

Mission for Markets is a campaign run by the NMTF and NABMA. Our goal is a big one; to secure the future of markets in the UK. A huge challenge but one we’re ready and capable to take on.

Markets in the UK have a collective turnover of £3.1 billion a year from around 32,000 market traders. This has increased gradually by £200 million year on year since 2012-13.

As membership organisations we exist to support our members. To encourage positive change, we will shine a spotlight on best practice and share resources that operators and traders can use to up their game.

The campaign’s website – www.mission4markets.uk – is growing with case studies of operators and traders. These are real life examples of success that could inspire you on your markets – traditional retail and specialist.

82 per cent of markets in the UK are run by local authorities – public custodians of the marketplace since Victorian times. £50 million has been invested into improving markets in 2017-18.

Renewal depends on a market’s location and the vision of the operator. Local authorities are grappling with funding cuts, as well as dynamic change in the global retail industry.

We will undertake a survey every two years to assess the health of the industry and continue to lobby for government support for markets. Members, let us know your thoughts and concerns!

The NMTF and NABMA will be sharing news about the campaign with their members in regular e-bulletins. Ensure that you keep both organisations up to date with your latest contact details.

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Mission for Markets is a rallying cry to the entire industry – get involved, share experiences, be open to change and let’s move forward to develop and improve markets in the UK!