... is back online!


By JOE HARRISON, Chief Executive Officer, NMTF

GREAT news — Market Times, the NMTF’s leading trade publication, is back — exclusively online — with all the usual features and stories as well as a round-up of the impact COVID-19 has had on the industry.

To read the October edition click here.

The decision to make Market Times exclusively an e-publication was not taken lightly but obviously came about as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The initial problem was that we couldn’t produce the June and August editions simply because our markets were not open for business.

TO READ previous editions of Market Times online CLICK HERE.

We knew that many people were missing their copies of Market Times — but how to bring it back?

The stark fact is that the pandemic has meant that the NMTF’s financial situation has taken a considerable hit.

And producing, printing and posting out Market Times is a considerable cost, around £15,000 for each of the six annual editions.

So, for the time being at least, it will only be available through our website (as it is now) and through a link we shall email to members and others.

But there is another dimension — these days, do people really want a hard copy?

We have email addresses for by far the majority of our members so they should have easy access to Market Times online. We also have the largest database of retail market operators in the UK and we are letting them know the October edition is available.

As an aside, we also get a few (but only a few) who tell us that they don’t want a hard copy for environmental reasons — it’s posted out wrapped in plastic (but we point out that the material is completely recyclable), and the general point about the paper stock (though again recyclable).

The NMTF has always endeavoured to move with the times, and this is one of those times.

We shall, of course, monitor the situation and wait for feedback from our members, who will be asked to complete a short survey.

If there is a demand from some members for a hard copy we could look at a much reduced print run and selective posting out, but that would have to be done for an additional annual fee from the member.

Anyway, for now, enjoy the return of Market Times!