Page 7 - NMTF Bounce Back guide
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 After market day
 • Keep trading when the market is closed
Open social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Consider launching a website to promote your business
Look into e-commerce on a shared platform, such as ShopAppy
To watch a video on setting up social media click here
• Launch a ‘call and collect’ or ‘click and collect’ service
Create simple package offers and promote them online
Take orders and payment over the phone or the internet
Give customers a time slot to visit the stall and pick up the goods
• Set up your own local delivery service or send goods by post
May take time to set-up, but will appeal to people staying at home You’re creating a new sales channel, so you’ll need a robust plan Work with other traders to create packages with several goods
• Communicate regularly with other traders
Keep in touch with the people you trade alongside
Bounce ideas around and encourage everyone to think outside the box Consider forming a market or street traders committee
The NMTF supports members to form NMTF Groups
• ‘Meet up’ regularly with market management
We all need to work together to adapt markets to the ‘new normal’
If you have a traders committee, hold monthly meetings with the managers Don’t be afraid to challenge decisions but be open to compromise
NMTF members can access expert advice from national officers

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