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 Market day
 • Give yourself more time to set up and close down
Traders like to help each other out, but folk may be more cautious
If you can’t put it up yourself, it may be best not to bring it
If there is no alternative, ‘buddy up’ and only work with a few others
• Ensure social distancing in and around your stall
Mark out the customer’s journey on the floor, use chalk or tape
Do all you can to avoid crowding at your stall
Keep everyone two metres (6ft) apart if possible, including from you Work back-to-back or side-to-side and keep in small groups
• Mark out your ‘touch points’ where customers will be served and pay
Use a sneeze guard, display prominent signage, wear PPE Have free hand sanitiser available to customers
Increase the frequency of surface cleaning
Click here to buy a sneeze guard from the NMTF
• Use the queue as an opportunity to sell
Shoppers will need to wait longer to get served and pay for goods Have easy-to-read signage that helps people to choose quickly Ensure an orderly queue, do all you can to reduce any anxieties Click here to download some posters from the NMTF
• Pack all the goods in a carrier bag for the customer
Shoppers may bring their own bags, allocate space so they can do this. Ask customers not to touch goods — we all need to shop with our eyes!Single use carrier bag charges have been suspended across the UK
• Take card payments
To reduce transmission, everyone is being encouraged to ditch cash This may be a challenge for some us, but we all need to do our bit Customers can spend up to £45 without entering their PIN
Click here to get a contactless card reader for just £19
• Cut down on the number of times you need to leave the stall
Take enough food and drink with you to last the whole day
Time comfort breaks carefully, you may need to close the stall temporarily Keep waste to a minimum — prevent, reuse, recycle, or recover

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