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 Before market day
 • Make some signage to remind and reassure customers
Review your current signage and check it is still fit for purpose
Click here to download some posters from the NMTF
• Contact the market manager to discuss any operational changes You may be given a time slot to unload and pack up
Your usual pitch may have moved or changed in size
You may be asked to open on different days with reduced hours
A one-way or a one-in-one-out system could be in place for customers
• Review your letting arrangement
Temporary changes may be made to your licence or lease
Take advice on any changes before you agree to them
Make sure you have evidence of any changes in writing
If any disputes arise, verbal concessions are tricky to challenge
• Sell food and drink to consume on site?
Keep a record of customer details to support NHS Test and Trace You will need a process to collect, store and destroy information Display a poster to let customers know what you are doing and why Ensure that you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation
Click here for detailed guidance
Click here for NMTF poster
We are collecting information about our customers to support the UK’s ongoing response to COVID-19.
We will ask for your name and a telephone number. If you are in a group, one of you can be the ‘lead member.’
We will note the date of your visit and your time of arrival and departure.
This is voluntary, but we strongly encourage you to share your details to support NHS Test and Trace.
Your details will be collected, stored, and destroyed in line with the General Data Protection Regulation:
• Paper records will be stored in a locked safe
• Digital data will be stored on a secure device
• Data will be used to support NHS Test and Trace only
• Data will be destroyed after 21 days
will ask us for this information only y to help minimise transmission of
tions, please ask a member of staff. on online at
ou for helping us to support the NHS and do in the UK’s ongoing response to COVID-19.
NHS Test and Trace where it is necessar COVID-19.
If you have any ques Find more informati
Thank y our part

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