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 A message for market and street traders in the UK
AS THE retail markets industry begins to prepare to recover from the awful economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NMTF feels it is the right time to provide the many traders who have been closed since March 23rd with what we hope is a helpful guide to starting up again, in this new world of social distancing and stringent hygiene requirements.
This follows on from the extensive work we have been doing on behalf of our members on all aspects of how the situation we find ourselves in has affected your businesses, together with extensive lobbying of government to get the necessary support required to help you and your businesses through this.
We appreciate that much of the information provided in this document you will already have, but we believe it is our duty to put as much as we can into one easily accessible format.
Joe Harrison NMTF Chief Executive
We begin with the preparations you should make before you open again, move on to what to do on your first day trading again, and encourage you to develop online selling and deliveries.
You will also find links where you can get even more advice about protection and buy NMTF sneeze guards, as well as how you can start to take contactless payments.
Please bear in mind this e-book is a liquid document and will be updated as we get further information.
So please keep checking back, and visit our website where there is a lot of information about
latest developments.
On the back page you will find a list with links to useful resources.

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