Consumers can’t wait to get back to outdoor markets and live events, says survey

AT LAST perhaps some good news.

A new survey reveals that as restrictions are expected to be lifted this summer people can’t wait to visit outdoor markets, festivals and other live events.

The survey by independent marketing agency iD found that 65 per cent of people want to attend a festival or outdoor market as their main post-lockdown experience!

The agency says it ran a survey of 340 UK consumers “to gather tangible insight on audiences’ wants and needs”. With the announcement that the UK is moving to lift restrictions by the summer, the agency says  wanted to examine what audiences would be looking for from brands as they began to re-engage with live experiences.

Over half said their preference would be an outdoor event. Nearly two-thirds said they would want to attend an outdoor festival, market or fair over the summer, compared to a dedicated pop-up shop or product demonstration event.

The results revealed:

● 84 per cent of UK consumers want to try new brand experiences post-lockdown
● 65 per cent of the public want to attend a festival or outdoor market as their main experience
● Seven out of 10 respondents say that digital experiences do not compare to the real thing
● 59 per cent of respondents stated that they wanted COVID protection measures at any brand experience they attend this summer
● 55 per cent of consumers have planned events and experiences for summer 2021


Of the people iD surveyed for their independent report, 59 per cent stated that they wanted COVID protection measures at any brand experience they attended this summer.

The agency says that whilst the data does suggest some trepidation among audiences, as long as brands have something truly special to offer, and consumers feel reassured of their safety, there will be no shortage of people looking to engage with new experiences in the summer of 2021.

In order to bolster their independent data, iD gathered quotes and comments from a variety of industry experts within the UK retail sector.

Jim Winship, Secretary at the Events Industry Forum, reaffirms the sentiment posed by the report that there will be an enviable number of consumers still attending live events.

“I think it depends on the age groups, I think the older age groups are going to be more cautious about going to events, younger age groups will be desperate to go out and do things again.

“All we can go on is that there seems to be this pent-up demand for people having been locked down and now wanting to go out and do things again. I think we saw it to some extent last summer, the few events that took place on a small scale last year the demand was certainly there for it.

“I think all the signs are there that people want to get back to events.”