NMTF Groups Network

The purpose of an NMTF Group is to offer mutual support to its members, to represent their interests at a local level and to work together to achieve common goals.

The NMTF is a trade association for market and street traders, events retailers and mobile caterers. Following incorporation, the branch system evolved. We’ve cut the red tape but the support of the national body remains.

The NMTF was founded in 1899 by four groups of traders who decided to work together to fight for better working conditions for the people on their markets.

Our horizons have broadened since 1899. Just as twenty-first century market traders are changing with the times, so too is their trade association.

Today we encourage market and street traders, events retailers and mobile caterers to join the NMTF, to form NMTF Groups and be part of the NMTF Groups Network.

In times of cuts to local authority coffers and a proliferation of poorly operated events it is still more important than ever that traders continue to stand together in solidarity.

Click the buttons below to find out more about the benefits of forming and running a traders group with NMTF backing and support.

To speak with us about NMTF Groups and the NMTF Groups Network, members can contact the support team on 01226 749 021 or support@nmtf.co.uk.

  • Tap into support, advice and guidance from national officers who have a wealth of experience in the sector
  • Establish recognition and a brand for your group with your own NMTF Group logo and paperwork
  • Meet up with other groups to share knowledge and experience at the NMTF’s Annual General Meeting
  • Free travel and attendance for recognised Liaison Officers at the NMTF’s AGM
  • Free membership for recognised Liaison Officers awarded at the NMTF’s AGM
  • Monthly e-bulletins solely for Liaison Officers to support the coordination of the group
  • Regular visits from Field Support Officers to encourage participation and provide support
  • Dedicated area in the NMTF’s online portal crammed with useful resources and a member forum.

Terms apply. Please review the NMTF Group Guidelines here (PDF, 126KB).

To be recognised as an NMTF Group all members of the group must trade from the same location (e.g. NMTF Barnsley Group) or have a shared trading connection (e.g. NMTF Historic Traders Group).

We need to have a Liaison Officer – there can be two if there are more than twenty people in your group. These people need to be NMTF members and will be the point of contact for Head Office.

How you decide to form and run your NMTF Group is entirely up to you and the traders who want to take part in it. Of course, we have some suggestions about how to do this based on our years of experience.

It is strongly recommended that Liaison Officers are selected through a democratic process, elected by the majority of people with an interest in the proposed activities of the group.

We do expect Liaison Officers to take a leading role within the group and to act on behalf of its members in a fair and just manner on any matter affecting their professional interests.

In return, Liaison Officers benefit from free membership (awarded at the AGM), free travel and attendance to the AGM, frequent visits from Field Support Officers, and enhanced support from Head Office.

You can find more details about the role of a Liaison Officer, including the terms that apply, in the NMTF Group Guidelines (PDF, 126KB).

Our goal is to establish a thriving NMTF Groups Network – an association of groups with shared interests, working in partnership alongside and with each other for the benefit of their members.

For more information and to get the ball rolling, contact the support team on 01226 749 021 or support@nmtf.co.uk.

Members, to access the resources please log into the NMTF Members Area. Click here.