Join the NMTF for all its benefits and get your liabilities cover FREE!

Join the NMTF for all its benefits and get your liabilities cover FREE!

THERE are so many reasons to be a member of the only national organisation representing market traders, street traders, events retailers and mobile caterers at local, national and international level, at the same time providing them with the insurance cover they need — at no extra cost.

Single membership costs only £140 a year (dual membership £210.00, triple membership £280.00, quadruple membership £350.00).

This can be way below the cost of liabilities premiums offered by insurance companies — and offers top cover (see below)

Even more than insurance cover the NMTF is always there to give its members a helping hand, whether it be advice on a problem with an operator, or expert assistance from our lawyers and accountants. We’re just a phone call, email message or facebook post away.

Through our umbrella insurance cover (see below) we provide members with top-rate liabilities protection up to £10 million, which includes any number of market stalls, anywhere in the UK and the European Union.

NMTF has genuine deals with sponsors and partners

Over the years the NMTF has built strong ties with a select group of suppliers we feel can offer real benefits to members — including a great partnership with a mobile terminals supplier that offers not only special rates but £100 towards NMTF membership; a special deal with the UK’s No 1 breakdown organisation, discounts on gazebos, tailored packages for insurance extras such as stock cover, cheaper airport parking. At the same time we have built in services to members — not just our free comprehensive business insurance (see below) but free advice from our chartered accountants and solicitors. Our field support team is always on hand and quick to respond to any problems NMTF members may have. They’re that friendly voice at the other end of the phone. We are always looking to updating and adding to these benefits. To have a quick look through them CLICK HERE.

Free advertising and promotion for your business

As an NMTF member you can list your business on Market Near Me — the most comprehensive database of UK markets — entirely free of charge. Market Near Me gets many thousands of visitors — traders looking for somewhere new, shoppers looking for something different. You can list your type of business, your contact details, your social media links.

All the business liabilities insurance you need

Membership includes cover for public, product and employer’s liability claims, which is underwritten by the Aviva Insurance Group and has a limit not of £1 million or £5 million but of £10 million, often demanded these days by events operators.

As an NMTF member you get:

  • Public, product and employer’s liability protection up to £10 million
  • Cover for costs relating to HMRC enquiries, including PAYE and VAT disputes
  • No excess to pay
  • Covers any number of markets and events, on any number of days, anywhere in the UK and EU

The only organisation to represent and negotiate on behalf of market traders

AS a a trade association that began more than 120 years ago the NMTF can justly claim to have a proud pedigree when it comes to standing up for its members. Now, more than ever, we get involved with market operators if any of our members have concerns about their trading arrangements — or even their livelihoods. Our field support team, if necessary backed by our CEO, are ready — should all else fail — to parachute in to negotiate face-to-face with operators. They have the experience and legal authority needed to cope with most situations, and can always call on our solicitors for expert advice.

On the national front the NMTF uses the All-Party Parliamentary Markets Group to tackle any industry issues, and also holds regular meetings with the Government’s Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, which is responsible for UK markets.

At international level we are members of WUWM (World Union of Wholesale Markets), which through its retail arm keeps abreast of the industry not only across Europe but across the world.

The NMTF is at the forefront when it comes to promotions and campaigns on behalf of the UK retail markets industry

From its beginnings in 1899 the NMTF has been charged with promoting the interests not only of its members but the whole of the markets industry. Since the establishment of a dedicated publicity department more than 25 years ago the NMTF has devised many campaigns that have been aimed at putting the industry at the front of the public gaze. Over the years these projects have attracted much publicity across all media — newspapers, radio TV — both local and national. The latest and arguably the most successful venture is the Young Traders Market, a national competition that inspires younger entrepreneurs to come into markets. To read the latest campaign news online click here.

The NMTF continues to invest in Market Times, a 48-page online flipbook publication that has its pulse firmly on stories that matter, as well as interesting market features and revealing trader profiles. To read the latest edition click here.

But the NMTF realises that retail markets are only as good as their traders, and has published Spring Into Markets, an in-depth online guide on setting up in business. To access the guide — good for new and experienced traders alike — click here.

The NMTF will continue to enhance and amend its promotions and campaigns to suit the current situation. Adaptability — that’s what we’re all about.

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