Direct Debit

You are encouraged to renew your membership by Direct Debit.

This is an annual payment taken from your nominated bank account every 12 months.

To thank you for paying your subscription by Direct Debit, you will receive a £5 discount.

How much notice do we need to set up a Direct Debit? It can take us up to two weeks  – so we’ll need your instruction by the 10th of the month you are due to renew. The fastest way to do this is by giving us a call on 01226 749 021.
What information do we need to set up a Direct Debit? Your membership number, your full name, the bank/building society account number and sort code, and the postal address of your bank/buiding society.

Members can set up a Direct Debit by calling us on 01226 749 021 or by sending us a completed Direct Debit form.

If posting the completed form to us, please send us a covering note with your full name, address and membership number.

Do you have a question about paying by Direct Debit?
Contact the Membership Department on 01226 749 021 or and a colleague will be happy to help you.

Let us know at least two weeks before your expiry date. You can do this over the phone, by email or by post.

We’re afraid not, no. Membership of the NMTF is an annual subscription, which must be paid once a year.

The Direct Debit payment is requested around a week before your expiry date in order for the payments to be processed and cleared by your bank.

We need time to print and post out your new membership card to ensure it is with you before your old membership card runs out.

Membership cards will be sent out to members in First Class post and should arrive before your expiry date.