Work Experience

The NMTF  works with Jobcentre Plus to promote youth employment on traditional retail markets by encouraging business owners to offer work experience placements to young jobseekers.

Work experience is a voluntary placement for people aged 16 to 24 years who have little or no experience of the world of work currently claiming unemployment benefits through Jobcentre Plus.

Placements can last between two to eight weeks, 16 to 30 hours per week, and jobseekers continue to receive their benefits, including travels and childcare costs.

Support is given to develop a job description for a placement. Traders can get involved in candidate selection. You must have employer’s liability insurance (included in NMTF membership).

There is little paperwork to complete. You will have to provide assurance to Jobcentre Plus that young people will work in a safe environment.

After you have registered your interest you will be contacted by a Jobcentre Plus representative within 10 working days.

Jobcentre Plus representatives will meet with you face to face to talk through the whole process and they will keep you informed.

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For more information, contact the Projects Department at the NMTF on 01226 749 021 or email