HGIYM competition now closed for 2013

Our green awards returned for the sixth year running and gave market traders and operators the chance to show us how they are making their businesses and market environment sustainable.

We recognise that businesses, whatever the size, have an impact on the environment and believe that market traders as well as market operators, need to take responsibility in ensuring their business minimises these effects.
Becoming ‘greener’ is an ongoing process that can start with a few small changes or be the basis upon which a business is built.

The latter is the ideal, but we are realistic and appreciate that while many of us want to live a sustainable lifestyle, it is not always possible due to resources, knowledge and many other factors.

But being environmentally aware and running a green business can hep reduce costs, help your business run more efficiently and appeal to a consumer market that is becoming more and more environmentally conscious.

Our aim every year is to find the UK’s greenest market and greenest trader and encourage the markets industry, an already greener alternative to supermarkets and high street chain shops, to continue ‘being green’ and to sustainably develop.
The 2013 competition is now closed – but keep checking back to see what’s happening in 2014!