Enhancing the community value of markets

The NMTF is working with the University of Leeds and the New Economics Foundation to develop guidance on how to demonstrate and enhance the community value of markets. It’s part of a bigger project: Markets 4 People.

We’re developing two handbooks: One for the people who organise and manage markets, and one for the people who trade on them. The handbook for market operators will give you a means to assess the ways in which traditional retail markets benefit communities.

For these handbooks to make the biggest impact, we need some real-life stories and case studies. There’s a list of topics below. Simply, select one and tell us why your market fits the bill and should be included as an example of best practice.

We’re asking for your contact details. The research team will get in touch with you to find out more about your market. Plus, you could be asked to take part in an online workshop to help shape the development of the handbooks.

Taking part in the development of these handbooks will put your market on the map. The handbooks will be shared widely within the markets sector in the UK. The goal is to encourage everyone to recognise and champion the community value of markets

Please get your submissions in before midnight on Sunday, 1 November. Note: You can submit case studies on several topics. After submission you will be asked if you want to return to the form to complete it again.

Funding to develop the handbooks has come from the ESRC and Power to Change.

Social benefits and cultural functions, as well as more socially-oriented economic outcomes.

For example:

  • Access to good quality, healthy and affordable fresh food.
  • Opportunities for social and cultural interaction.
  • Relatively low-cost and accessible trading spaces.
  • Serving low-income groups; black and minority ethnic groups; migrants and refugees; elderly people; socially isolated and other vulnerable groups.