Executive Board

NMTF Ltd (“NMTF”) is a private company limited by guarantee run by its members for its members. Articles of Association are available to view at Companies House (registration number 09440409).

We are governed by an Executive Board made up of eight active NMTF members, including a President and President-Elect.

The current President is John Dyson, who trades at Beverley, Cottingham and Pocklington markets in East Yorkshire. The President-Elect is Michael Nicholson, who will take over as President after John has completed his three years of service.

The six remaining board members are Gary Jaques, Darren Old, Mostafa Rezvani, Mike Riley, Mimi Rivington and Lynn Turner-Yorke.

Board members serve a three-year term and meet six times a year at the NMTF’s Head Office in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. They provide active leadership, establish the organisation’s strategy and manage the financial stability of the federation.

Crucially, the Executive Board holds the organisation accountable to, and ensures obligations towards, the entire membership.

At each annual general meeting there will be a vote when two board members will step down and an election will be held for the vacant positions. Nomination for positions on the Executive Board is open to any NMTF member.

Do you want to speak with a board member? Contact the Secretariat on 01226 749 021 or enquiries@nmtf.co.uk.

Are you interested in becoming a board member? Contact Joe Harrison, Chief Executive, via his PA, Tracey Jones, on 01226 352 805 or tracey.jones@nmtf.co.uk.