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     Steve Whittingham who runs a second-hand furniture business and an espresso bar and café has been trading on the market for 27 years. He is chairman of the traders board that helps run the market
Pete Willis has run a very successful vinyl record, CD and DVD business in the market since 2008 which has music fans camping out overnight for the annual Record Store Day
     Tracy Penellum has run Celtic Flowers in the pannier market for the Ricky Kempthorne’s cobbler’s business brings people into the
past 14 years
“Recently Sam and I went to look at one or two other markets where there has been investment, but when we got back to our market we thought how warm and welcoming it is in comparison.”
John acknowledges that times are challenging for traders. The market is fortunate in that the retail centre of Truro has moved its way.
“One problem we have is people,” he said. “Truro has a relatively small population compared with larger centres like Plymouth, and a major problem is parking.”
He called on councils and landlords to adopt a far-sighted approach to help high street shops and markets.
pannier market to get their shoes and boots repaired
“One single thing that could make a difference is to introduce free parking at all car parks on the last Saturday of the month,” he said.
Apparently it’s done in Truro one Saturday in the run-up to Christmas and the town and all the shops are “rammed”.
“A lot of people are paid monthly at the end of the month and an initiative like that could really help struggling retail businesses,” John said.
Whether decision makers and influencers are listening is probably a forlorn hope. But with the current owners and traders, Truro pannier market is in a good place to weather the current challenges.
l Market Day: Monday to Saturday l Market Rent: £280 a month for a
10 x8ft stall
l Truro’s claim to fame: Truro is
Cornwall’s county town and a centre for administration, leisure and tourism. As Britain’s most southerly city, it came to prominence as a centre for trade thanks to its inland port and was also important as a stannary centre for the tin mining industry. It boasts a three-spired Gothic revival cathedral that was only completed in 1910.

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