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market, then ran his own business. Like many fellow traders he decided to leave and invest in a shop on the quay because of the high rents and lack of investment in the market.
“The market really was on its knees. It was a very bad time,” said Steve. But finally the owners decided to put the building on the market 15 years ago and the Roach family bought it.
“It was like putting jump leads on and jump starting the market,” Steve said. “The market was in a pretty bad state. It was on its knees — we didn’t even have doors and it was freezing.”
But as soon as the Roach family took
over, the “them and us” feeling disappeared, and the family and the traders committee pulled together to bring the market back to life.
“It was quite daunting,” John said. “But in our family we all have a strong work ethic. I have known nothing else but the butchers. I’ve never been for a job interview. We all worked hard and some weeks we had to go without wages and we didn’t complain,” he added.
There was a list of investment that was needed. “We put in a suspended ceiling, put the floor down, installed outdoor signage, created a market entrance and started to maintain the building properly,”
FEATURE • TRURO Steve said the traders committee
continues to work closely with the family and the traders are happy to match fund improvements.
He described it as a win-win situation where everyone benefited.
And the market has prospered from the investment and the partnership working. John said: “The market is now 110 per
cent full — we say that because we have created two new units.”
Food is at the heart of the offer, says John, and his family have several anchor stalls. John’s wife, Samantha, manages the market and does the accounts. His sister,
      John Roach is pictured (second from right) at the family butchers stall with his sisters Fiona Webb and Janette Congdon who are all three equal partners in the family business that owns and runs the market. The business was started by their parents John and Kath. Also on the picture are Fiona’s sons Tom, 23, and James, 21, who work on the butchers stall. Missing from the picture is John’s wife, Samantha, who manages the market and does the accounts
Fiona Webb, runs the fruit and veg stall. John, his other sister Janette Congdon, and Fiona’s two sons, Tom, 23, and James, 21, work on the original family butchers business.
They also have a couple of other food businesses on the market.
Elsewhere there is something for everyone, with lots of niche service businesses including coach tour organisers, a Kodak camera processing centre, a barbers, a wig shop and a nail bar. There is even a young trader running a second-hand lego business who has got his enterprise off to a flying start.
The atmosphere on the market is relaxed and friendly. Tracy Penellum, who has run
Celtic Flowers on the market for the past 14 years, said: “I am really happy here. Sometimes people ask me why I don’t consider expanding and moving into a shop but why would I? It’s a lovely, friendly place to work and I do really well here.”
Ricky Kempthorne, who has been the cobbler on the market for 30 years, said: “It is so different now with the Roaches. In the old days it was “them and us” and you used to have to go into battle to try to get something done. John and his family are market traders like us. I am on the board and we all work together.”
Another trader, Pete Willis, has succeeded in building a much-loved record business on the market including,
on occasions, putting on live music and staging the annual Record Store Day, which has music fans camping outside the market overnight to get their hands on the special releases.
Pete said: “I started selling records on the internet when it was in its early days, then moved on to a small unit on the market to expand the business.”
Music Nostalgia is now a large presence on the market, bringing new people in all the time.
John said the family will continue to invest in the market in partnership with the traders board. They are looking to invest in LED lighting among other improvements.
John said.

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