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            Michael Boland, a Brummie by birth, has built up a thriving flower business on west country markets including Wells
As well as local cheeses, conserves, meat, pies and fish, there is an award-winning smokehouse business and a new street food seller specialising in falafel.
Matthew Chapman is the smokehouse trader, selling the tasty scotch eggs and smoke products from Pear Tree Farm near Glastonbury that have won a string of awards. Matthew and his wife Annabelle started The Somerset Smokehouse after they upped sticks from Bristol where Matthew ran a sound and lighting company.
“We hankered after the country life — my grandfather used to keep pigs,” said Matthew. “It has been incredibly hard work and still is, but it is what we believe in and love. We don’t use plastic packaging and we look after
our animals,” he said.
As well as standing local
markets, they are now supplying local shops and eateries.
Austin Fitzpatrick, who used to work in fashion distribution, has also left a conventional role to concentrate on his passion for vegan food.
“I got the recipe from when I lived in Beirut,” Austin said. “I couldn’t find really great tasting falafel anywhere around here so I decided to start this business.”
He has been on Wells market for eight months and loves what he is doing and the warmth and friendliness of the market.
“It’s about my beliefs, a lifestyle and sustainability,” he said.
On the old market place there
    Suzanne Sharpe, markets and events manager at Mendip District Council, is pictured with markets officer Rose Walker. The market is managed by Graham Jeffery
is still room for traditional lines alongside arty, crafty niche businesses.
One example is Michael Boland, a Brummie who has made his home in the West Country and has a thriving flower business on local markets.
“Wells is a lovely, busy market and the locals are so nice,” Michael said.
Polly Gamble is the third generation of her family on the market — and they all trade side by side.
Helen Gold and her mother, Pat Edwards, have been selling
Imogen Donaldson is pictured with her basket full of freshly picked cherries from nearby Whitehouse Farm, a cherry farm that joins over local producers selling on Wells market

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