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       Harry Cross’s daughter, Dr Norma Raynes, is pictured with her twin granddaughters Jorgina and Sofia Varle-Raynes, aged seven, and Whitchurch market manager Zoe Dean
  Alison Beresford has been selling plants on the market for the past three years
David Welch who has been trading on Whitchurch market for 40 years said the new location is much better. He sells poultry, sausages, game and eggs, always with a friendly smile
  Country Kitchens, a co-operative selling items grown, made or baked locally, recently celebrated a century on the market. Manager Dorothy Wright is pictured with Clare Hollins and Beryl Fletcher
Fish man Tony Kemp is the only trader who has chosen to stay in his old location because that is where his customers expect to find him
and shoppers like the change.” Dorothy Wright, who runs Country Markets, the co- operative of local growers, makers and bakers that recently celebrated 100 years on Whitchurch market, said the move had made a big difference.
“We are definitely better here.”
Zoe said the change had been inexpensive as they had been able to use existing tables.
“We have had some enquiries and a new trader has joined the market today,” she said.
The current NMTF president,
Michael Nicholson, visited the market at Norma’s request to check the final details, and Norma herself is very pleased with the outcome.
“I know how important markets are for communities and it is good this one is now
doing well,” said Norma, who is continuing to contribute to the community in her retirement in other ways.
She is also active in her charity, From Generation 2 Generation, which brings the young and old together.

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