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     Jason Brookes is a local trader who sells plants he grows and buys
Andy Willis sells artisan bread on the market
She said she loves the friendliness and the pleasant atmosphere on the market, particularly since the Knowles took over its running.
‘To me it makes sense to put the traders in charge of a market when they have a vested interest in its success’
— Town Councillor Steve Flitter
The traditional greengrocer is also busy most market days, and plant man Jason Brookes is among a number of new traders who have joined the market since word spread that it was on the up.
“We live locally and we have been selling the plants we grow and buy for about 20 years now,” Jason said. “It’s a good market and I enjoy trading here.”
Darcie Cousins was literally on her first day of trading when Market Times visited — and she was enjoying the experience.
An American from New England who is married to a Brit, Darcie decided to start her own business called
“Refills on the Run” after she found it difficult to source the products she wanted for a sustainable lifestyle.
“I decided to run a mobile business selling green, environmentally products and markets were the ideal place to start,” said Darcie, who pointed to the number of stalls including the fruit and veg stall where everything was sold loose in boxes and there were no plastic bags in sight.
“I did really well on Bakewell market and Graham suggested I tried this one too,” said Darcie, who aims to expand to selling food, cleaning and other products for people to bring their own containers and buy without the use of plastic.
The market does particularly well in summer and the Knowles family are doing everything they can think of to boost it, including promoting the market through leaflets, social media and persuading coach operators that the market could be part of their summer Wednesday schedules.
Coun Steve Flitter, who is leader of Matlock Town Council and a member of Derbyshire Dales District Council, is a big supporter of the market and backed the Knowles family as market operators.
He said: “The market hall is quite dismal and has never worked so I felt an outdoor market would be a great asset
for the town.
“But for a market to work
you have to listen to the people who understand what makes it work — the traders themselves.
“The councillors are very pleased with the way the new operator is running the market and it is now the focal part of town.
“To me it makes sense to put
the traders in charge of a market when they have a vested interest in its success.”
All the signs are positive for the fledgling market, and the Knowles have plenty of additional stalls and the space to expand into the park.
But whatever the future holds, it will remain a “one- line” market while it is run by market traders.
l Market Day: Wednesday
l Market Rent: £18
l Matlock’s claim to fame: The county town of Derbyshire
nestles in the south eastern corner of the picturesque Peak District, close to the former spa town of Matlock Bath and within easy reach of the cities of Derby, Sheffield, Nottingham and Greater Manchester. It grew and prospered in the 1800s thanks to the number of hydros and is now a popular tourist destination.
  Coun Steve Flitter is leader of Matlock Town Council and a councillor on Derbyshire Dales District Council. He is a strong supporter of the market and backed the Knowles family when they decided to take over its running

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