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     Darcie Cousins, originally from Maine in the United States, has started her new business on Matlock Market called “Refills on the Run” supplying green products for those seeking a more sustainable way of life
to have an outdoor market once again and visitors boosted the footfall. But sadly it started to go downhill and by last year it was down to eight traders when the private operator announced they would be moving from the park into the town’s indoor market.
Graham refused. The move never happened, and the Knowleses were offered the opportunity to invest in new stalls and run the market themselves in its existing location.
Jenny Knowles said: “It was a big decision and we only had a week or so to decide whether to go for it or not. But we love this market so we decided to
make the investment.”
The family bought new stalls,
sheets and clips and took over as market operators last October. Now they run a market of between 20 and 24 traders and the atmosphere is all sweetness and light.
Gemma texts and messages traders every Tuesday to check that all is well for market day. She is on site just after five in the morning to help set up the stalls and creates a buzz on social media including Facebook.
The family run a strict “one of a line” market, which the traders like. And over the past 12 months it has gone from strength to strength, with a strong band of core traders,
and new recruits now giving it a go. All appreciate the warm, friendly atmosphere and the fact that Graham, Jenny and Gemma are fellow market traders who understand the business and go that extra mile to help and support anyone who is struggling.
As Gemma says: “What my dad doesn’t know about market trading isn’t worth knowing.”
And he is generous to a fault, both with his time and expertise.
Many of the traders have known the family for years. Fishmonger June Bailey, who has been a market trader for 30 years, said: “I have been on this market from when it
started. It took a little while for people to find we are here every Wednesday, and after it went down a bit for some traders we still did well.”
Andy Wallis, another long- standing, anchor trader selling artisan bread freshly baked by The Loaf, a nearby bakery business, was also unaffected by the downturn.
“We have always done well here,” he said.
Jackie Plaiter has been trading on the market for three years selling the aprons, children’s clothes and other items she makes herself.
“For me it is a hobby rather than a business,” said Jackie. “Sewing relaxes me and I can sew for England.”
    Julie Bailey has been selling fresh fish from a van on the market since it opened
Jackie Plaiter took up Graham Knowles’ offer of a stall on Matlock Market and sells the aprons, bags and children’s clothes she makes herself

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