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        Joe Heaton runs a quality sheepskin products business which includes a shop in Harrogate but he still makes the long journey from his home in Leeds to stand the market where he does well all year round. He also sells footwear (see below)
John Boughey sells pet products and household goods
Dane Robson, who has joined the business, said: “Phil has opened a shop and bakery in Bishop Auckland and we are expanding into a lot more markets.”
Michael has a waiting list of traders wanting to get a pitch on the market but he is careful to keep a balance to protect existing traders.
“We want to support the
traders and keep the market going as it is. It is a solid, healthy market and that is important to the town.”
Perhaps the moral of this market story is that if it’s not
broken, then sometimes it’s best to value what you have and keep a strong market going in the same vein, rather than try to transform it into something it’s not.
l Market Days: Wednesday
l Market Rent: £10 for a standard pitch
l Barnard Castle’s claim to fame: Barnard Castle in Teesdale on the north bank of the River Tees is named after the castle it was built around, now a picturesque ruin. It is famous for the Bowes Museum, a magnificent French- style chateau building which houses world class works of art including the famous 18th century silver swan automaton. The ruined castle is owned by English Heritage and is open to the public.

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