Young Traders Market

Markets are ideal platforms to launch a lean business. The NMTF works with many organisers of traditional retail markets to run specialist markets aimed at supporting young people #YoungTraders

2019 – the year of the Young Traders Market. Operators of traditional retail markets across England have worked together to offer trading opportunities and business support to entrepreneurs aged between 16 and 30.

It was a collaborative approach to nurturing young talent, advocating market trading as a business model, and encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs to trade on the nation’s traditional retail markets.

The NMTF coordinated the programme. It’s over for 2019 – so, click here if you’re a young person interested in taking part in the programme in 2020. And if you’re a market operator interested in running a young traders market, click here.

Above all, it was a competiton. Think of it like a series of heats: Local > Regional > National. There were big prizes to be won for young traders who made it all the way through, plus big kudos for the operators who helped to get them there.

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